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Richard Mark
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I was having troubles tracking calls and decided to tackle the issue of Phone Tracking.  I looked at services like CallSource that charged upwards of $500 a month, Google Voice, which was a free and basic way of tracking calls, but was very limited on features. Eventually, I tried “Call Rail”, which were not bad UNTIL I FOUND DIVISION SIX,INC.!  How lucky I was to find their service, the reports and level of support has helped my business grow by 30% in the first 30 days!

As a business owner my website did a great job of generating calls.  The problem was I was getting zero conversions.  I decided to work with Division Six to fix this problem.  The results were awesome!!  Their team immediately identified the problems and started sending my qualified leads that were ready to buy . What a relief it is to have them handling all of my lead generation.  I get to sit back and focus on my business.